Recap of the Fast Pitch with @DaveMcClure @HIFoodWineFest

Of the eight pitches four were tech based, given this is a tech startup focused site we will focus on these companies.

First up to bat: OhanaMala.

@dsghi Pitching for @OhanaMalaOhanaMala provides and facilitates a socially-conscious marketplace which gives producers a
platform to manage and market their products while giving consumers a convenient way to find sustainable fresh local food & produce.

Pitch takeaway: Looking for Seed Capital.


Second up: Position Brands (Chef Points).

Chef Points is a healthy cooking curator allowing individuals to make healthy decisions based on aggregated points accumulated by food and restaurants.

Pitch takeaway: Needs a Developer and Seed Capital.


@macrohawaiiThird up: Leslie Ashburn pitching “She Cooks Healthy”.

She Cooks Healthy an interactive and educational platform which will allow individuals to cook fresh cuisines from healthy sustainable foods.

Pitch takeaway: Developer, Marketing and Seed Capital



Final and late entry: 

Free Food for All” a daily sweepstakes site where contestants can win Fee gift certificates to local restaurants. Site is live, learn more…

Pitch takeaway: Seed Capital



As far as a clear winner or individual securing an investment, I am unsure if that materialized. To be honest I am unsure what the reason for the event was?  After the pitches each judge gave roughly a 2 min “My 2 cents” feedback.

Fast Pitch
HI F&W Fast Pitch 2011