Entrepreneurs Bookshelf

In no way is this the all-encompassing list, more or less a good references and books that make you look like you’re doing something big. Yes I have read them, feel free to ping me if you have any questions or just don’t want to spend time reading the burners’ on Amazon.
No Particular order.

Venture Capital Handbook
This is a classic and is definitely dated. My copy was passed down to me at the first startup I ever worked at in 2000. Ironically one of the founders handed it to me the day we closed shop..

Reality Check
I won this by submitting a Haiku on Twitter New Years Eve 2008 (random).  Good book and who doesn’t love Guy  

Term Sheets & Valuations – A Line by Line
This is a good reference, must have.

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist
This goes well with Term Sheet & Valuations. Writing style is succinct and to the point, quick and easy read.

The Lean Startup
Build/Measure/Learn, Pivot. Plus all the cool kids are doing it.

Do More Faster
Super easy read, the style allows you to jump around and get a little taste without committing.

Again this is not the end all be all.  I would also recommend to all the aspiring entrepreneurs brush up on basics such as Fundamental Analysis (P&L, Balance Sheets), NPV, LTV  no need to be an MBA although when you are done with your first venture you will have earned one from the School of Hard Knocks.