Startup Weekend, Day 2 – @SWHNL #SWHNL #808Startup

Day 2 started with breakfast and then individuals quickly stumbled around to find their team members. The night hadn’t seemed to end, however the sunlight was pouring through the pane glass.

What's in your head?

Breakout sessions began and the clicking sound on the keyboard grew louder and louder. As they say, “It was time to get down to business”. Developers were hunched over, pounding RedBull, Marketing folks talked quietly among

themselves and then there’s the issue of capital.  I overheard many saying, “Soooo,  how do we fund this thing?”. Many groups hit this wall and it’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow – Sunday, September 18, 2011 (the final day of Startup Weekend Honolulu).

Stay tuned and find out…

Only one day left.