Entrepreneurs Recommended Reading

Weekend Edition 8-19-2011

1. Get your Startup Started with @businessinsider Generic/Sample Startup Documents

2. How much Money do you need for your Startup? 

It’s an obvious question. And if you’re looking for startup investors you’d better be able to answer it well (Retuers)

3. The Search For Great Programmers and the Interview Process (@techcrunch)

4. The Startup’s Guide to Bootstrapping Marketing

Marketing isn’t about ads or press releases or trade shows.  Marketing is about connecting with, influencing and mobilizing individuals and organizations, inspiring them… (@geekwirenews)


Global AWS Start-Up Challenge 2011

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One thought on “Entrepreneurs Recommended Reading

  1. I would add Getting to Plan B to the reading list for any aspiring entrepreneur. The books marries basic business concepts with compelling real-world examples.

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