Aloha Editor – HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor

Haymo Meran & Clemens Prerovsky Definitely have the Aloha spirit and deserve to be listed in our Tools and Tips Category.

Aloha Editor is a semantic Rich Text Editor framework written in Javascript with best support of xHTML5. You can integrate it in a CMS, blog, wiki software or any other project where you need to edit content with a web based tool. Use it like a supersonic textarea. You can editalmost any DOM element with this supersonic textarea, but you need to care about configuration and storage.

Why Aloha Editor?

Clemens and I started the project on January 18th. We wanted to build the world’s most advanced editor and I wanted a codename for the project. So we looked into wikipedia and I found out that James Cook discovered Hawaii on January 18th. So I asked Clemens: What would the Hawaiians have said to James Cook? – The Aloha Editor was born – Haymo Meran


Content editing powered with Aloha Editor using HTML5contenteditable.